The Thai Lotto – Thailand’s Biggest Attraction

The twice-monthly Thai government lottery is one of the country’s biggest attractions. It’s played by over 19 million natives, or more than 28% of the population. The top prize is a hefty $67,000, but even winning a tiny prize can be life changing.

The thai lotto is regulated by the state and is operated by the Government Lottery Office (GLO). In 2015, the GLO made some reforms and started selling tickets directly to citizens in the open market. This increased transparency and improved the chances of winning. The GLO also made sure to make the ticket easy to read and understand for people who might not speak the language.

Although the thai lotto isn’t the most lucrative game out there, it’s still popular. It has a huge national popularity and is a major part of the culture in Thailand. While a little more regulation and higher jackpot prizes would be nice, the passion with which thais chase lucky number tickets makes it worth trying.

Many Thais believe that certain numbers have special powers. This superstition is partly why the lottery has become so successful in the country. The government has tried to crack down on it, but it is difficult to stop the $10 billion spent every year in illegal “huay tai in” (underground lottery houses).

In addition to relying on their good fortune, Thais are known to place bets on European soccer games, especially English Premier League matches. In some places, the money wagered on soccer bets amounts to more than $12 million per week. This practice has prompted the Thai government to propose delaying television broadcasts of games by 30 minutes in order to reduce the amount of money that changes hands.

Each thai lottery ticket has a six-digit number that corresponds to one of five categories. Matching all six digits wins the first prize, matching four digits earns the second prize, and matching three digits earns the third prize. The first and fifth prizes are cash, while the other two are goods and services.

The thai lottery draws are held in the morning on the 1st and 16th of each month. The drawing chairman randomly selects a colored ball to determine the order of lesser prizes. The numbers are drawn on a piece of yellow, thin, smooth paper with two watermarks: a mythical bird called a Wayupak and a silk thread that only shows up under ultraviolet light. The paper is also coated with chemicals that prevent stains.

If you’re lucky enough to win a prize, you have two years to claim it. Sums under 20,000 baht can be cashed out at authorized venues; larger prizes must be claimed from the head GLO office in Nonthaburi.

The thai lotto is a popular activity amongst women. According to some government sources, the number of women that play has doubled over the past few years. The main reason is that they want to improve their family’s financial status.