The Thai Lotto is a National Ritual and Tradition

thai lotto

The thai lotto is the national lottery of Thailand. It is one of the most popular gambling games in the country and is very well regulated. However, it is not the most lucrative game in terms of top prizes. Nevertheless, it has a huge following and is seen as a part of a national ritual and tradition.

To avoid fraud, all tickets are printed on special yellow paper with a watermark of the mythical bird called Wayupak. The ticket must be used in conjunction with a valid identification card and bank account details. The paper is also coated with chemicals that show up as stains when tested with bleach. For newcomers to the lottery, it is best to buy a ticket only from a storekeeper selling tickets to Thai people.

When it comes to picking the numbers, many strategies are employed by lottery players in Thailand. Some rely on omens and signs in the world around them. For example, the number of spots on a dog’s fur (six is a lucky number), snakes (a giant one is representative of the number five and a small one represents the number six) and rats (linked to the number one) are believed to be omens for the purchase of a certain ticket.

In addition, some go to temples or shrines to pray for the right numbers. Others consult fortune tellers to find out which digits will bring them good luck. Visiting the temple of a deceased monk is another option, as some believe that the date of birth or death of the monk can provide them with valuable clues.

A significant percentage of lottery revenue is channeled into charity and social activity projects. The remaining 20% is used to pay out winnings and to cover administrative costs. The lottery is also a major source of tax revenue for the government.

Winners of the first prize or jackpot (usually several million baht) have to come to the GLO headquarters to claim their winnings in person. If they are foreigners, they must also bring a passport and a letter from their home country to prove their identities.

Lottery vendors are locals who have been registered with the GLO and have a license to sell tickets. The majority of vendors reside in Bangkok, while some are scattered throughout the provinces. In order to sell tickets, a vendor must be at least 20 years old and have a clean criminal record.

The thai lotto is held twice a month, on the first and 16th of each month. A Draw Chairman is appointed to supervise the draw and conduct an inspection of the balls, equipment, and other necessary items. Afterward, the Draw Chairman will select the winning numbers and broadcast them on television. The winnings are paid in the form of cheques. If a winning ticket is not claimed within two years, it will be re-drawn. In addition, a 5% tax will be applied to winnings over 20,000 baht.