How to Win the Lottery Online in Thailand

lottery online

The lottery is a major source of income for many Thais, but it’s not without its critics. Some view it as a form of gambling, while others point to the fact that most lottery winners are poor or lower middle class and use their winnings to purchase other things, such as food and medicine. Still, the lottery is more than just a game—it’s a way for people to unite in a shared dream and fuel their optimism.

The Thai lottery has long been a major part of local culture, with participants seeking any conceivable trick to increase their odds at winning the grand prize. Often, people claim to have seen lucky numbers in their dreams or will visit online gurus like Thai Lottery King and My4Website. These gurus have websites filled with cryptic formulas and tips that they claim will guarantee a winner’s success in the lottery. Others claim that certain negative events are silver linings in bad fortune and will try to find the lottery numbers associated with car accidents, celebrity deaths, or plane crashes.

One popular method of picking lottery numbers is esiimsi (also called siam si or chiiymchii), where a person will shake a cup of bamboo sticks marked with different numbers. Each time a stick falls out of the container, the lucky number is chosen. These numbers are then used as the last three digits of the lottery ticket. Often, people will head to temples or other religious sites to try this method of luck-telling, with Sawang Arom Temple being the most popular spot for locals to get their esiimsi on.

Another popular way to pick lottery numbers is to visit a fortune teller, such as a witch doctor or soothsayer. Those who believe in this practice will go to the soothsayer with a list of lucky numbers and ask for their advice. The soothsayer will then take a look at the person and tell them which numbers to choose for their next lottery ticket.

In addition to these spiritual methods, many Thais also consult the feng shui of their home or workplace in order to determine which numbers will bring them good fortune. According to feng shui, there are specific numbers that are considered auspicious and those that should be avoided in order to promote wealth and prosperity. The number 3 is thought to be auspicious because it sounds like the word “gold,” while numbers 9 and 13 are said to suck wealth away.

In addition to spiritual and feng shui methods, some people will even buy lottery tickets from street vendors with a box of numbers strapped to their bikes. This is because a lot of people believe that these street vendors have the secret to picking winning numbers, and they want to be the first one to cash in on the next big jackpot.